Brain & Behaviour

Brain and Behaviour

Area of Brain effected Function Effect on Behaviour Examples
Temporal lobe Memory / Speech Unable to remember words that are read, seen or heard
  • Recent memories quickly lost
  • Forget people and events


Parietal lobe(right side) Analytical and logical centre Unable to use language (speech, writing and reading) to communicate
  • Difficulty saying precisely what they want to say
  • Naming common objects
  • Understanding what is said to them


Parietal lobe(left side) Spatial location centre Unable to locate position of the person or objects in space(spatial awareness) Difficulty·

  • Knowing how to get somewhere
  • Locating the car in the car park


Parietal lobe(both lobes) Spatial location centre Unable to carry out planned or learned patterns of movement\(apraxia) Difficulty·

  • Putting clothes on in correct order
  • Using appliances eg stove, car
  • Putting tablecloth on the table
Parietal lobe(both lobes) Spatial location centre Unable to recognise things(agnosia) Unable to recognise·

  • Family member(s)
  •  Objects e.g. Knife and fork
  • Surroundings such as their house
Limbic region (connection centre) Emotional regulation Unable to connect behaviours, emotions and memories(connection)
  • Angry responses
  • Accusations of stealing
Frontal lobe(executive centre) See over Unable to plan or organise(insight)
  • Shopping without money
  • Don’t dress appropriately but believe they have
  • Not aware of the state of tidiness of their house


Frontal lobe(executive centre) Organisation of ideas, planning, divergent or creative thinking, spontaneity of speech, ability to follow instructions, social and sexual rules, problem solving Unable to start an action(initiation)  May appear·

  • Apathetic
  • Not able to understand
  • unmotivated
Frontal lobe(executive centre)   Unable to stop once starting or saying something(perseveration) Repeat·

  • questions
  • statement
  • actions
Frontal lobe(executive centre)   Unable to keep on track and control social behaviour(regulation)
  • Easily distracted
  • Wander
  • Talk over others


Some tips from people with people with memory problems

I often do not understand, although I may say “yes”

I cannot cope with choices ( I may not remember the choices, or be able to cope with choosing between more than 2 things)

I may need reminding meal times are for eating, prompting to continue eating.

I may be in pain but

  • I cannot express it
  • I may express it by a change in behaviour
  • I cannot remember to tell anyone
  • I cannot / or forget to ask for pain relief

I may need to go to the toilet but

  • I may not remember where the toilet is
  • I may nor remember to ask for help
  • I may need reminding what I am on the toilet for