Mission Statement

The Stroke Recovery Trial Fund Ltd’s activities will be, amongst other things, to educate the community about how to protect the brain from avoidable injury, and to educate people who experience brain injury and their families on how to ease suffering and distress from the symptoms of the brain tissue injury.  In addition to providing online information about prevention, symptom management, and carer support,  the SRTF will, amongst other things, provide community education programs in person or in the media, and will engage in raising funds to support fully pre-approved medical clinical trials  of medication including but not limited to Etanercept administered by Perispinal route to treat brain inflammation as a result of stroke and brain injury (traumatic or acquired injury)  including but not limited to adults adolescents (13 years and over).

Although individuals and their families will be a focus, ultimately the public stands to gain from increased public awareness, but also potentially a reduction in the financial implications of the provision of care and services for this group of people.


Bill Gasiamis

June 2, 2015 at 8:56 am

Hi Everyone. Nice to see some passion for Stroke awareness and patient support from a new organisation. The more the better, I say. As an ambassador for the National Stroke Foundation I get to speak with a lot of people affected by stroke. It’s always good to have more places to refer people that need help. Hope to find out more about your organisation in the coming months. Only have one question. Where are the blokes? We are always under represented in these kind of organisations. Anyhow great job. Regards Bill


    June 2, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Thanks for your post Bill. Please be reassured that we have a number of very good blokes involved in the SRTF at a member level! It is wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to people not only about how to managing the devastating effects of stroke but also to work towards promoting healthy lifestyle factors that prevent it – as no doubt you do in your role as ambassador for the National Stroke Foundation. Please do refer people to our website and if they (or yourself) have any other questions – please email us at :strokertf@gmail.com
    We look forward to working with you in your role for the same goal of both preventing stroke and helping those affected. Regards SRTF team